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Plant City Observer Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 5 years ago

VIDEO: Christmas Parade

by: Amber Jurgensen Managing Editor

It would have taken a lot more than the Grinch to scare away the hundreds of children in the crowd during the annual Christmas Parade. The train of floats, singers and even big wheels stretched a mile long as the procession flowed down Collins St and onto Reynolds. Police on motorcycles alerted the crowd to the start of the parade, but not before a train went by.

"I can remember when it was real small, it didn't have very long, like I was telling you earlier it was like 35, 45 minutes and it was over with," strawberry farmer Clifford Johnson said. "And it had walkers in between the floats there and there was like maybe ten that I could remember."

Now, the parade has grown to 90 floats with multiple schools and dance teams walking in between. Firetrucks and cheerleaders were some of the favorite attractions. Walkers passed out candy and school bands struck holiday cheer into the hearts of the three judges which were situated at McCall Park.

"It's super. It's more, more people in it and more people are gathered to see it and it brings a little bit of happiness to a whole lot of kids when they see that parade all them lights, they're face lights up," Johnson said.

The parade lasted about two hours. Santa wrapped up the parade with a beautiful display.">

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