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Plant City Observer Thursday, Apr. 7, 2016 2 years ago

WLCA Election: vote for the future

Elections will be Thursday, April 14, at Plant City Church of God.

On September 19, 2013, the Plant City Times & Observer published my first letter to the editor, “Is the Walden Lake Community Association Out of Bounds?”. Over three years ago, my concerns centered around a lack of leadership, a lack of transparency, a lack of consistency and a lack of objectivity by the persons then in charge of our WLCA.  

Now I could not be more proud of my neighbors, who organized and exercised their community rights, and brought about real change in leadership. 

Today, I am asking our new resident neighbors to please vote for the return of the esteemed Bob Hunter, as president, the esteemed Ray Page and their recommended proven leader, Alicia Powell, to the WLCA Board.

We are taught to dislike politics, never discuss politics in mixed company and keep your thoughts to yourself. We are all familiar with the retort, “You cannot fight city hall.” 


Politics is nothing more than who gets what. If we fail to educate and involve ourselves, if we fail to vote our conscience, we abdicate our lives to others. The political cronies love such apathy, for it keeps them in office, and it gives them power over our lives. The crony politicos love to decide who gets what. 

Hunter, Page and Powell, are certainly not political cronies. They are role models. They represent:

- true leadership versus the ring leaders of the past.

- transparency versus the obfuscation of the past.

- consistency versus the haphazardness of the past.

- integrity versus the cronyism of the past.

- accountability versus the finger pointing of the past.

- respect for individual residents versus the blowhards of the past.

Hunter, Page, and Powell deserve our support and votes.

It was Hunter and Page, and it will be their protege, Powell, that will build upon the many accomplishments by the new WLCA Leadership, which include:

- protecting our property rights by securing the best legal representation we can afford.

- improving our property — the gazebo at the lake, walking trails, parking lots, entrances and more.

- putting our children’s interests in front of any more land speculators, by breaking ground for a new sports complex.

- protecting our financial interests at the WLCA, with accurate and complete bookkeeping. No more cash collections at the door.

- selling idle and wasting assets to maximize our investment in the WLCA.

I encourage you to stand up for yourself, your family and the Walden Lake Community. Send the old and tired political peacocks out to pasture, and please join me and vote for Hunter, Page and Powell.

— Don Marshall, resident


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