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Plant City Observer Wednesday, Jul. 4, 2012 6 years ago

SHOW ME THE MAUNEY: Are you ready for more local coverage?


Athletics act as the “front porch” of a school or university.

It’s a saying that the president of my alma mater, Georgia Southern University, Dr. Bruce Keel, always said, and something I find rings true, not only at the college level but also for high school and youth sports, as well.

Although not always considered hard-hitting breaking news, sports serve a special purpose in a community. Many times, outsiders know of a community or school solely because of its successes (and sometimes its failures) in athletics.

Plant City has a rich history in athletics, and as the Plant City Observer’s new sports writer, it is my job and privilege to give it the complete coverage it deserves. All of us at the Plant City Observer recognize the importance of local sports, and we are committed to providing this great city and community with compelling, relevant and in-depth coverage. Coming from a weekly newspaper in Georgia that covered an area similar to Plant City, I know what it means to be “hyper-local” and provide readers with what they want to know and read about.

I grew up in Atlanta and spent my college years in south Georgia, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that football is as big (or dare I say bigger) down here than in the Peach State. I’ve already learned a great deal about the high school football teams here and am eager and excited to learn more.

Our three main coverage schools will be Plant City, Durant and Strawberry Crest, and you have my word that those three schools will have the most relevant, balanced and accurate coverage around. The Plant City sports scene will no longer be just a blip on the radar of Tampa area prep sports, but instead be the key focal point of the local sports coverage the Plant City Observer will provide.

We won’t just be covering football either. The Plant City Observer is dedicated to coverage of all sports, so don’t be surprised when you see team and player features from a local girls’ golf team or a boys’ swimming team. If a local team is having a successful season or if there is an interesting story — no matter the sport — we will be there. We’ll also be giving plenty of coverage to youth sports, senior athletes and more.

As with any topic, it is vital for our readers to stay in contact with us with any local sports stories. There’s a lot going on in this city, and we want to know about it. If you come across a coach, athlete or local sports story that would be of interest to our readers, please don’t hesitate to email me with the details: [email protected].

You’ll be seeing a lot of me in the coming weeks and even more of me when the fall sports seasons come around (I’ll be the one running up and down the sidelines with the camera).WiHack Mobile ">

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