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Plant City Observer Monday, Apr. 18, 2016 2 years ago

LETTERS: Residents endorse Nate Kilton for open city commission seat

The runoff election between Nate Kilton and David Cook will be Tuesday, May 3.

Note: The runoff election will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, May 3, at City Hall. Early voting will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30. 

A man with integrity

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong citizen of Plant City, I have had the opportunity to speak with many government officials who have had a part in overseeing our community.

Nate Kilton is running for City Commissioner in an election being held May 3. My husband and I have known Nate since he moved to Plant City after college and married his college sweetheart, Stephanie. Nate is one of the most qualified men to hold an office in our city government I have ever met. He has proven his leadership skills time and time again through offices held in the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce, the Noon Rotary Club and as an elder at GracePoint Church. 

He serves on the City of Plant City Planning Board and Plant City Economic Development Corp. He is a small business owner, Certified Public Accountant, and Certified Financial Planner. 

He lives in the historic district in downtown Plant City, has a soft spot for restored buildings and a love for history. 
If you visit his campaign Facebook page, you can read about all the tidbits I just mentioned as well as see some pictures of his lovely family.  One thing you will not understand fully from the Facebook page is just how deep his integrity runs. Nate Kilton is one of the wisest men in our town. I appreciate the fact that he thinks before he speaks. In all the years my husband and I have had the privilege to know him, Nate has always given good counsel.  

While some people perceive politicians as fake, Nate is exactly the opposite. He genuinely cares for people. Before he makes a decision, he takes into account what is best for everyone involved. He is a loving husband and father and a good friend.
I encourage you to talk to the people you know that live in Plant City and make sure they realize, if they want a thoughtful commissioner who will advocate for what is best for all citizens, they should vote for Nate Kilton on May 3.

— Dawn Kicklighter

Elect someone you can trust 

Dear Editor, 

Some may not know that Nate Kilton is my cousin. I’ve known Nate for over 15 years, ever since he met and ultimately married my first cousin, Stephanie. Given this, I’m able to write to you to give a perspective for those who may not know him or who don’t know him well. 

If you haven’t done so already, one can easily look up Nate Kilton’s extensive experience and accomplishments on his Facebook page. 

For those who are still considering who to vote for in this race you may be interested in the content of Nate’s character. I can tell you that the man you see in the public face is the same person in private when no one is looking.  He is honest, unflappable, even-keeled, wise, intelligent and has always been someone many can turn to for solid advice.   

Quite remarkably, I’ve never known Nate to be any different, and knowing the many distractions one can encounter in college, this speaks volumes to me. 

In a time when a majority of people are understandably disgruntled with politicians and politics, it is more important than ever to elect someone who you can trust to do what is right rather than do what is easy and politically convenient.  Nate exemplifies what it means to be a statesman. The ugliness of politics and those involved will certainly never change unless we elect people with good character like Nate Kilton.  

Please join me in rewarding those who would lead this community with virtue, selflessness, integrity and steadfastness. I would submit to you that there is no better place to start than the local level. 

 — Jamey S. Moody

Character traits

Dear Editor, 

Character, integrity and perseverance are three distinguished qualities that are held in high regard when evaluating any relationship in which you intend to enter.  

Nate Kilton has mastered all there and is the clear choice for Group 1, Plant City, City Commissioner.  

I’ve had the pleasure of serving side by side with Nate on the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce over the past four years and have gotten to know what truly makes him tick — serving his community!  

He has shown me what compassion, selflessness and, most of all, leadership can do for our community, and it excites me that a person of his quality has decided to dedicate his personal time to the people of Plant City.  

I strongly urge the citizens of Plant City to vote for Nate Kilton Tuesday, May 3, and support a man who will make a profound difference in our community.

— Larry Jimenez, Jr., vice president, business development, Star Distribution Systems Inc.

Demonstrating life lessons

Dear Editor,

Plant City has so much that is right with it that living here makes it a small town American icon!

It is easy to become a part of this community and to be accepted. Plant City has a strong faith in God, and I believe that is what makes this a great place to live, work, worship, and raise a family.

Running for public office is a privilege that many only think or dream about doing but never carry it out. With the support of my family, I committed myself to four campaigns over the years, won two and lost two. In doing so, I learned several life lessons, a couple I would like to share.

The first is to prepare yourself for the office that you are seeking. To be an effective elected official it can take years of preparation to know what you will be  doing and to understand the needs of your residents. Get involved in the community by volunteering in a host of organizations. Recognize every facet of the job you are seeking. It looks easy from the outside, but it took me seven years of preparing before I felt qualified to put my name on a ballot to serve my community.

Secondly, run for public office because you feel you can make a positive difference. Do it for all the right reasons and know whom you will be working with. Be independent in your thinking while building trust. Many candidates lose sight that, if elected, they only represent one vote, but the gift of working well with others is the key to a great public servant.

In its recent city commissioner election, Plant City had three local candidates: David Cook, Ricky Coronado and Nate Kilton. They are all fine young men with a love and passion for Plant City.  

The election brought the campaign to a runoff between David Cook and Nate Kilton. I hope that you will look at both candidates before going to the poll to vote and determine who deserves your vote on Tuesday, May 3.  

Nate Kilton has worked hard over recent years to prepare himself for the job of City Commissioner. He has learned the life lessons of how best to prepare for a political campaign. He has been extremely involved in Plant City through various organizations including Grace Point Church, the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corp. He is a regular spectator at the City Commission meetings, and a successful business owner. And he has independently researched the various departments and inner workings of the City Government to know what it takes to run a City.  

Friends and neighbors please vote for Nate Kilton, and thank you for caring about our hometown of Plant City.

— Marsha Passmore, former City of Plant City commissioner

Clear understanding 

Dear Editor,

I wholeheartedly endorse Nate Kilton's candidacy for Plant City Commission seat Group 1. Nate's commitment to Plant City has been demonstrated through his service to the Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Corp. and Planning Board. He has shown a similar dedication through his contributions as a Rotarian and as an elder in his church. 

Over the past weeks we have had the opportunity to listen, observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the candidates. Nate is the most qualified person for this commission seat. He has a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities inherent in the City Commission. Moreover, his professional education and training, as evidenced through his MBA and CPA, are credentials that would be considerable assets to the endeavors of this office.

Nate's character, integrity, and insight make him an exceptional addition to the commission. It is an honor for me to support Nate Kilton for the Plant City Commission seat Group 1.

— T.N. and Cahppella Hill

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