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Plant City Observer Thursday, Sep. 13, 2018 2 months ago

Letter to the Editor: Don't drop the WLCA lawsuit

Nick Brown responded to Paul Lindsey's Sept. 6 letter about Today's Bank.

Dear Walden Lake Neighbors,

We are sick and tired of fairways that have become erratically mowed wastelands, devaluing our property, discouraging would-be buyers and lowering our quality of life. However, now is not the time to act rashly by dropping the lawsuit.

The lawsuit is a result of Walden Lake homeowner-implied rights. 

The lawsuit is our first line of defense against rezoning and ruinous residential infill development. Dropping the lawsuit would signal that we are open to throwing some homeowners under the bus to get promised club benefits.

Dropping the suit would be a betrayal of trust placed in WLCA by Walden Lake Preservation Trust and others who have contributed to the lawsuit.

Dropping the lawsuit may open the WLCA to lawsuits from: Today’s Bank, PGGG, Visions Golf, and other Visions creditors. All may claim, and prove, that they incurred monetary losses as a result of a frivolous lawsuit brought by WLCA.

Today’s Bank foreclosed on the property. While we sympathize with them, we cannot sacrifice our principles, our guidelines, to bail them out.

In order to go forward and resolve the crisis, our WLCA must set forth some guidelines on what is negotiable and what is not. I recommend no infill development, assisting owners seeking to restore club services without residential development and, as a last resort, accepting club ownership gratis and maintaining same as a park.

Walden Lake Roadmap, a 27-minute video providing details on these guidelines, will be aired for Board Members and Neighborhood Presidents at the WLCA Meeting House at 7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 13. A second showing at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 19, will be open to all (please email attendance plans to [email protected]).

Don’t drop the lawsuit. Instead, press for a rapid, favorable verdict from the Court!

Nick Brown

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