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Interdenominational church planned for 2016
Plant City Observer Friday, Jul. 31, 2015 3 years ago

Interdenominational church planned for 2016

by: Amber Jurgensen Managing Editor

By Jose Lozoya | Staff Intern

A team is coming together under the leadership of Plant City native Scott McIntosh to plan a contemporary interdenominational church in the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World.

About 50 people meet every fourth Sunday of the month to prepare for City Pointe Church’s launch in January 2016 and to grow the congregation.

“My calling from god was to unite the tribes, or the people in Plant City,” McIntosh said. 

McIntosh grew up in Plant City and attended Plant City’s First Baptist Church with his family. He accepted the call of ministry when he was 20 years old and served at a variety of churches in numerous roles.

Being at several different churches over the years taught McIntosh many different lessons. When it came time to open his own church he knew what his mission was: he always realized the amount of separation in Plant City, its churches and its people, and he felt it was time for a change.

“Plant City has a lot of churches,” McIntosh said. “In fact, Plant City doesn’t need another church, it needs another kind of church — a church that redefines what church is. Plant City needs a contemporary interdenominational church that goes after the lost, the prodigal, and the people that love them — a place where God’s children are united, rather than be divided by race, denomination and economic status.”

He reached out to the Association of Related Churches in hopes of getting help opening a Church in Plant City. The ARC is an organization which shows individuals or groups how to build a launch team, raise funds, form a worship team, develop a children’s ministry and gain momentum, according to its website. It also helps churches financially. City Pointe Church will be the first church in Plant City under the ARC.

Although there is still much to be done during the planning stages, McIntosh’s team does have a start date. On Jan. 31, 2016 the first service will be held at the John R. Trinkle Center on the Hillsborough Community College Plant City Campus off Park Road.

The services will continue every Sunday at the Trinkle Center and is open to the residents in Plant City and surrounding cities.

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