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Plant City Observer Thursday, Sep. 6, 2018 2 months ago

Focus on Fitness: Benefits of hiring a personal trainer

To hire a Personal trainer or not to hire a personal trainer: that is the question.
by: Columnist Columnist

Whatever your goals are — whether you are just looking to improve your health, want to build muscle, tone up or increase athleticism — personal training can help get you there.

Plant City YMCA member Laurel Polly has been working with personal trainer Hannah Whitmore for about five months and loves the results she’s seeing. Polly was an athlete growing up and played sports throughout high school and college. Fitness was something that came naturally for her, but after college, she put on a few pounds every year until she was facing her 40s and realized she was also facing obesity. She has worked out with personal trainers before but said it was difficult to find the right match.

“There is so much information you can get on the internet that may not apply to you, and you may not know what is true or if it’s even healthy for you,” Polly said.

Like many of us, she was in a cycle of working out, losing weight, thinking she could do it on her own and gaining the weight back. It’s a very familiar battle for a lot of people.

Polly talked very candidly with me about her recent diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and how she is trying to do her part with diet and exercise so that she can continue to be the caregiver for her parents. She met Whitmore when she took advantage of a PT special and had so many positive things to say about working with Whitmore and about the YMCA.

For her, working with a personal trainer gives her accountability and structure. Polly works with Whitmore twice per week. There is an end goal and Whitmore has a plan to get her there.

“One of the most important qualities to look for in a personal trainer is someone who listens,” Polly said. “The trainer you work with should be willing to help you reach your goals and not their goals, or whatever the latest fitness trends are.”

Another quality to look for is someone who is a great motivator. Polly has worked with trainers in the past who made her feel as if she was failing. Having a competitive sports background, she doesn’t like to fail.

“Hannah shares in my success,” Polly said. “She’s a great motivator and I always feel great when I leave. I am feeling more confident about myself. The scale hasn’t tipped, but that’s OK. I’ve lost two inches around my waist, two inches around my hips, an inch around my thighs, and a half-inch around my arms. It’s a great feeling to see that kind of improvement. If you have something that’s steady, consistent, good and positive, like my experience has been, it flows over into other aspects of your life. It gives me increased energy levels, increased awareness, overall wellness and happiness.”

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Angela Fulgieri is the Wellness Experience Director at the Plant City YMCA. Contact her at [email protected].

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