Cops Corner 8.9.18

This week on Cops Corner Plant City Police investigated stolen keys, spitting customers and political speech vandals.
Aug. 9, 2018

July 28 


Dropped call

1700 block of E. Spencer St.

Fraud: The victim told officers she had contacted someone online in May to fix her television. That person responded and collected $1000 to file a warranty service. Since taking the money, they have not returned or answered any phone calls. The victim did some research and found the service company, Alfred Costas, was fake and contacted the police. 


July 30


Keying up for theft

2100 block of Jim Johnson Rd.

Theft: Officers met with the complainant from a construction company. They said an unknown suspect had entered the property and swiped the keys to construction equipment. However, the equipment was still on the property. 


Swiper no swipey

1400 block of S. Jenkins St.

Vehicle Burglary: The complainant told officers someone had broken into their unlocked vehicle during the night. They took a Coach purse and a portable DVD player. 


Mucus menace  

2800 block of James L. Redman Pkwy.

Assault: An unknown man became angry about his food order and spit in the store manager’s face. He left the restaurant shortly after. 


Aug. 1 


‘The finest beer’

400 block of E. Alabama St.

Business Burglary: An employee at a local business told officers during the evening someone had broken the exterior fence and entered the property. While there they swiped a case of Corona beer and a computer monitor, which was valued at $200, from the attached covered area to the business. 


Bad time for a bath

1100 block of W. Bates St.

Discharge of a firearm: Officers came to the scene due to gunshots being heard in the area. They swept the entire section after a call about a bullet entering one of the residences. The single bullet traveled through the bathroom window and lodged itself in the bathtub. 


Aug. 2


Signs of misconduct

Golf Lake Dr./Timberlane Dr.

Theft: The property manager told officers over the past few weeks approximately 10 small kart path stop signs have been taking during the evening hours. 


Political divide

2200 block of James L. Redman Pkwy. 

Criminal mischief: The complainant told officers she had stickers torn from her vehicle. Of all of the ones removed her main concern was over a sticker that read “F- - - Trump.” The suspect tore the letter “F” off of the sticker. She told officers she wanted to sue the subject for “violating her civil rights to express herself.” She also said the police “had better press charges.”