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Cops Corner
Plant City Observer Thursday, Jul. 5, 2018 4 months ago

Cops Corner 7.5.18

This week on Cop's Corner Plant City Police investigated the case of the missing Gatorades, dealt with multiple counterfeit cases and assessed the damage of an egged car.

June 23

Gun on the run

Vehicle Burglary: Two victims at the Hampton Inn found that their vehicles had been broken into by unknown suspects. The rear passenger windows were smashed on each car and while the first victim luckily found nothing had been removed, the second realized a Hi Point 9mm handgun and a watch were snatched from his vehicle. 


Thirst quencher 

1702 N. Park Rd. 

Burglary: A city employee at the local skate park on Park Road realized someone had entered an out building attached to the skatepark. Apparently parched, the unknown subjects took eight 20oz Gatorades and one Propel water, which were valued at $17. 


The case of the alleged counterfeit 

3108 W. Reynolds St.

Theft: This complainant said he gave a woman $25 to purchase cleaning supplies for him. When she returned she only had $5 worth of items and “allegedly” told him the store kept the $20 bill because it was a counterfeit. He called the police to document the incident, but signed a Waiver of Prosecution.


June 24

Picture this

1504 Plantation Grove Ct.

Burglary Vehicle: This victim went out to their unlocked vehicle to find that someone had swooped in and stolen a Cannon Rebel camera along with two of its lenses. 


June 25

A scrambled affair

1403 E. Dr. King Blvd. 

Criminal Mischief: The complainant woke up early on June 25 to find his car had been the victim of an egg attack. During the night an unknown suspect threw eggs onto his vehicle, causing paint damage that was estimated to cost $500 to repair. 


The plight of the headphones

1713 W. Baker St.

Business Burglary: The front window to Plant City’s Metro PCS was shattered on June 25 as suspects broke into the establishment and stole $252.92 worth of headphones. The damage incurred by the business ended up totaling approximately $1,000.


June 26

Freaky Fast attack

2424 James L. Redman Pkwy

Uttering/counterfeit: When this Jimmy John’s delivery driver upheld his end of the company’s deal by making a ‘freaky fast delivery’ his customer attempted to pull a fast deal of their own by handing him a counterfeit $100 bill. 


June 27

The duel of the tow

1601 E. Dr. MLK Blvd. 

Vehicle Impound: PCPD officers assisted the Recreation and Parks department with the towing of a silver Lincoln from the MLK Recreation Center. Though the center is not open, the Lincoln had been in the parking lot for a month. The person who is believed to own or drive the vehicle was repeatedly asked to move it, but hey refused. Now it is at the Brewington’s Tow tow yard. 



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