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Cops Corner
Plant City Observer Thursday, Jun. 21, 2018 5 months ago

Cops Corner 6.21.18

This week on Cops Corner Plant City Police investigated the case of the disappearing chickens, a failed bait-and-switch and counterfeit Benjamins.

June 8

Bait and switch

2600 block of James L. Redman Parkway.

Shoplifting: This savvy shopper decided to get the biggest bang for her buck while perusing the racks. She switched the price tags on items and exited the store having gotten away with a major “steal.” However, her shopping high didn’t last for long as she was arrested and released with a court date.


June 10


300 block of West Tever Street.

Theft: When the complainant went out to check on her beloved chickens she found they had flown the coop. Someone had snuck into their roost and taken eight of the un-clucky birds before fleeing the scene.


June 12

Faux Benjamins

2800 block of Wilder Park Dr.

Fraud: When the complainant was approached by a stranger asking to help him make some change he did his neighborly duty and exchanged five $20 bills for the stranger’s crisp $100 bill. Later, much to the complainant’s dismay, the Benjamin Franklin was found to be a counterfeit.


June 13

Skipping the till

4610 block of South Country Hills Court.

Theft: After selecting some of his favorite bottles of alcohol, a shopper chose to leave without paying, resulting in his arrest. He met the Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion criteria and was released.


June 14

The kids are alright

2500 block of James L. Redman Parkway.

Theft: When this dad was buckling his children up into his vehicle an unknown person snuck by and snagged his wallet from the shopping cart turning the shopping day into a crime scene.

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