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Plant City Observer Friday, Nov. 4, 2016 2 years ago

Cliff Brown: ‘When will we realize that people are more than colors?'

Plant City musician Cliff Brown wants to draw people together during Election Day with his new band’s first single.

Casey Jeanite
Staff Intern

Redemption, a Christian reggae band, will release its first single, “Color Blind,” Monday, Nov. 7, in time for Election Day. 

“It is a reminder to all, the urgency of coming together as one nation, one people and choosing to love our neighbor as we love ourself,” the band said in a release. 

From beating Congo drums and a lively horn section to light and subtle keys, the band said “Color Blind” offers a musical solution to social injustices facing many African-Americans. 

“We’re not just black, we’re not just white, we’re not just Hispanic and Asian, we’re human,” Redemption’s vocalist and songwriter Cliff Brown said.

Redemption organizes events with the NAACP and a number of local charities and churches. Breaking away from producing music solely to worship, “Color Blind” aims to motivate listeners. 

“It starts with learning how to love each other, learning how to walk and love and being examples of what that’s looks like, that’s what we are trying to do as a group,” Brown said. “In some way the media does skew things as far as race goes. They concentrate on the bad dudes instead of bring to attention all the good that’s out there.”

Redemption has revolving set members with a stage crew ranging from four to 10 people. Brown is a Grammy award-winning artist and Plant City native.

“The first tape I ever had was The Fat Boys,” Cliff said. “My mom raised me. All her friends were black, and in high school all my friends were black and Mexican.”

Brown got into music at early age because he was always grounded. He found his redemption through the radio. Brown’s mother introduced him to R&B, soul and gospel. The rhythms and sounds of legends such as Earth Wind and Fire and Luther Vandross would inspire him until sixth grade, when Brown received his first guitar. 

“When will we realize that people are more than just colors?”It’s a line from Redemption’s first single, “Color Blind.” Check it out at

“My passion is the gospel, because when I was younger I got saved,” Brown said. “I just wanted to make a project that really gives back and isn’t just gospel centered but still deals with world issues and stuff we’re dealing with now.” 

In July 2015, Brown began working on creating Redemption. In November 2015, he announced he would be stepping into a new chapter in his music career and taking on the moniker Redemption in 2016. Redemption has played in DeLand, Lakeland and the Bahamas and at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and Amalie Arena. 

After the release of “Color Blind,” Redemption will start working on a full project dedicated to creating a new worship experience.  

“How can you put the gospel first? By taking the members away from the band and making it more about the experience,” Brown said.

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