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Plant City Observer Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018 1 week ago

Bluegrass legend strums for Plant City

David Grier has been wowing Bluegrass fans for generations. Tonight he is performing in an intimate concert at Krazy Kup coffee house.
by: Breanne Williams Staff Writer

A Bluegrass legend is performing an intimate concert tonight in Plant City.

David Grier was named Guitar Player of the Year three times by the International Bluegrass Music Association, played on four Grammy Award-winning albums and was named one of the Artists of the Decade in 2000 by Acoustic Guitar Magazine. He’s bringing his soulful vibes to Krazy Kup’s music loft tonight for a show local music lovers are sure to enjoy.

“The general characterization of a musician of his caliber is that he’s a musician’s musician,” Frank Trunzo, owner of Krazy Kup, said. “He lays a pathway of his own. He’s truly unique… It’s just a great thing to have somebody perform that other musicians, top musicians, admire and hold so much respect for.”

Grier began playing the guitar when he was six years old. Now he is considered to be one of the greatest guitarists in the world. Countless reviews of his work have praised his cross picking and abillity to create a variety of tunes off of one theme.

Trunzo said attendees are getting a once-in-a-lifetime experience tonight thanks to the unique venue provided by Krazy Kup. Unlike most shows, the tight venue allows for an extremely intimate experience. 

After speaking with Grier, Trunzo said he is an extremely down to earth man who “embodies what you’d expect from such an accomplished musician who loves his art.” He fully expects he’ll be interacting with the audience all night and more than willing to sign autographs or take photos following the show.

“It’s obvious he loves his craft,” Trunzo said. “He checks his ego at the door and brings his down to earth attitude to the floor.”

Grier is just one of many impressive acts Krazy Kup has highlighted over the last several years. Trunzo said it had always been his family’s goal to bring quality entertainment to Plant City and that he was excited to see it coming to fruition.

Krazy Kup is known for its intense monthly events like the Bluegrass Jam, Open Mic Night and Improv Night. The Trunzos have also recently purchased another building across the street, which they plan to convert to a “performance pizzeria.”

There, at the new business, is where the more esteemed artists are going to regularly be showcased, Trunzo said. The pizzeria will have a large stage built into the venue and Trunzo said the dream is to eventually have monthly concerts with big name acts to help further the reputation of Plant City becoming a musician’s mecca.

Krazy Kup will continue all of its unique offerings and Trunzo said the hope is new bands and talents will utilize the Krazy Kup stage to build their brand and help launch them on their musical journey. The pizzeria’s stage will be where iconic groups will come to perform for larger crowds than Krazy Kup can currently hold.

“I saw the writing on the wall when I made the phone call to purchase the building at 201 MLK,” Trunzo said. “I’m wanting once a month to have a big name there. It will take a lot of work to get the venue to where we want it to be, but it will get there. Krazy Kup is a tremendous blessing to this family… That will always be there. With both venues, we can continue to grow the music scene here in Plant City.”

Until then legends like Grier will continue to provide cozy concerts at the Krazy Kup loft. For tonight’s show, there is limited seating and tickets are $20 per person. They can be picked up on Eventbrite or at the register of Krazy Kup.

“He’s a gem of a man and we’re excited to have him,” Trunzo said. “People aren’t going to want to miss out on this.”


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