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Plant City Observer Friday, Jun. 2, 2017 1 year ago

Athlete of the Week: Triston Davidson

Triston Davidson is wrestling well in the offseason.
by: Justin Kline Sports/Associate Editor

One of the keys to finding success on the wrestling mat is constant practice -- especially in the offseason. Strawberry Crest’s wrestlers aren’t taking a summer vacation from their sport, and some are performing well at exhibition meets and tournaments. That includes Triston Davidson, who went 7-1 at a recent weekend duals tournament at Southeastern University. The one loss was close, scored at 7-4.

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I see the team working hard out here at the new practice area (Planteen Recreation Center). What’s the offseason grind like?

As much as possible. We’re out of school now, so we can get in as much practice as we want.

Do you guys work with the kids at all for Charger Wrestling Club?

Sometimes, yes. We go back and forth. Coaches mainly go back and forth.

Tell me about this weekend tournament.

Pretty much, I got asked last-minute. One of the parents actually asked if I wanted to join a free agent team, so I said I’d do it just to get matches in ... they were tough.

And you only lost one match.

My very first match off of it, I went against a Georgia state champion. He was really tough. I somewhat held my ground, I guess, but he got the best of me, 7-4.

You and your brother, Trenton, just moved to Florida this past year, correct?

We moved in June (2016) to Florida. It’s a different experience from Illinois. In Illinois, most of (wrestling) is technique. Here, a lot of it’s strength. Me and Trenton, mostly what we had to do is build a lot of strength, along with advancing our technique, just so we could survive around here. It’s going pretty well, so far.

Is it more difficult here? Less difficult?

More difficult. Illinois, it’s mostly very good but they don’t have the strength ... for instance, they’re really scrawny kids, but they know what they’re doing. Here, you go for something and they’ll just pick you up and throw you, pretty much.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned about wrestling down here, or at least wrestling for this team?

You’ve got to get close with your team. If you’re not close with your team at all, it doesn’t work. It’s pretty much like football. If you don’t play with the team, you don’t play at all.

Anyone trying to recruit you to Crest’s football team?

They’ve asked me, but I’m sticking with wrestling. It’s my only focus for now. It’s what I want to go for college with.

Do you know where you want to go?

No. I mean, Illinois was a big one, Division 1, that’s what I’m really hoping for. Something big. That’s what I want. I want to make it there -- that’s my goal.

Do you know what you want to major in?

I want to be a doctor. That’s been my goal for a few years.


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