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Plant City Observer Thursday, Jul. 26, 2018 3 months ago

A spark of magic

An upcoming magic show at Plant City Entertainment is riddled with humor and mesmerizing tricks.
by: Breanne Williams Staff Writer

For those who prefer a dose of comedy with their illusions, Plant City Entertainment has a show that is sure to provide an uproariously enchanting evening.

Erick Olson has been enthralled with magic since he was in the third grade. After watching Tony Curtis escape handcuffs and straightjackets, Olson’s curiosity was piqued. He went to his school library and quickly read two of the three books on magic housed among its shelves. When he returned for the third, the librarian refused to give it to him unless he put his knowledge to the test.

“She was the one that encouraged me and made me do a couple of tricks,” Olson said. “They were really bad, but the kids clapped and I was hooked. I knew that was all I ever wanted to do. Since third grade, I was going to be a magician.”

His skill continued to grow as the years passed, evolving from simple card tricks to intricate illusions. He does shows,

Courtesy of Erick Olson.

corporate events, conferences and even customized presentations. Corporations like Walt Disney World, IBM, McDonald’s, Nabisco and Verizon have all booked Olson.

He performs everywhere from Las Vegas to California and jokes no one is ever a star in their hometown. Olson and his family live in Lakeland and he has been longing to have the chance to perform near his hometown so he can help his local community and invite friends and family to see his work.

When driving through Plant City one day, he spotted Plant City Entertainment. After realizing they were hosting auditions for shows he popped in to show off his talent. Now he has partnered with the theater for a magical fundraiser on August 4 that will recapture the audience’s fascination for the supernatural.

There will be two shows, one at 2 p.m. and one at 7 p.m. and Olson is only opening each to 50 guests.

“It’s going to be an intimate show with everyone sitting close watching every move I make,” Olson said. “That’s how magic should be. This will be sleight-of-hand, not giant illusions. There’s a big push in the community now to return back to those intimate shows so it showcases skills, the years of practice it takes to pull off these tricks.”

Olson said it will probably be the most interactive magic show the attendees will have ever witnessed. It’s a family-friendly show for people age 12 and up.

“I think people really want to believe in something, that something can happen that cannot,” Olson said. 

Olson describes his style as a cross between Jay Leno and David Copperfield. He infuses his performances with frequent doses of humor, which he said helps create a fun-loving environment on stage. His shows are high-energy and fast-paced, and he said he is constantly evolving his skill to advance his performances.

The show next weekend will raise money for the theater and Olson said he can guarantee it is unlike anything the town has ever seen. His genuine adoration for his craft and whimsical sense of humor combine to create a show that will live in Plant City’s memories for years to come.

“It’s really good to support the community,” Olson said. “If someone has never been to Plant City Entertainment for a play, but they come to this show, maybe they will continue to go to the many great performances that the theater offers. It’s so important to support live entertainment. There’s nothing else like it.”


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